Ive Andrića street 38, 22320 Inđija. Republic of Serbia.     Phone:   +381 22 557 165

The company Promex-Nešković was founded on March 2, 1992. years as a private company for production, foreign and domestic trade and services.

We have the capacity to produce rubber, plastic and metal parts for process equipment in the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage industry, food industry, oil industry, agriculture, mining and special purpose industry.

Since we produce exclusively for a known customer to order or specification - we do not have finished products in stock.

The possibility of adapting production to customer requirements results in the production of rubber parts or a rubber-metal combination (according to a sample or drawing), in a very short time.

Efficient production and delivery of ordered parts in the shortest possible time - minimizes downtime in the production process of our partners.

At the request of our customers, we deliver - at their request - a certificate of quality of raw materials and materials used in the production process.

In accordance with our commitment to conquer the market with quality, we plan to export over 50% of production by 2013 (in 2011 we exported 37% of production).


Ive Andrića street 38, 22320 Inđija
Republic of Serbia

+381 22 557 165

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